Teaching The Principles

Swimming Correctly

Swimming Is A Science

No matter what the level, Champion Technique sticks to teaching the principles of swimming. Our understanding of stroke technique and mechanics is unmatched. This is what makes our swim school so effective. This is why we are able to create virtual swim schools that people understand and are able to learn from. This is why our swim teams compete at high levels. Yes, Ricky Bobby has nothing on us when it comes to our confidence levels when it comes to teaching and coaching swimming.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston Churchill



Jason, AKA Mr Skillsn, is currently teaching in the North Dallas area. If you have access to a swimming pool give him a call. Click here to find out more and view his schedule.


You have access to a pool and don't mind teaching your own child? Then our virtual swim school will teach you how to teach them. You'll learn exactly how and why we teach what we do to our clients. Click Here For The Virtual Swim School.


Stay Tuned. The Champion Technique Swim Team, AKA Racing Team is not yet available.

What, you don't trust us?

Here Are Real Life Reviews From Actual Clients

"Best swimming lessons ever! Jason is so effective. Both my boys took lessons."

Murphy Smith

"So Champion Technique is too good for their own good. While other "swim schools" provide an endless loop of learning how to swim, Champion Technique prepared my kids for swim team - my 7 and 5 year-olds in 2 weeks and my 3 year-old in 4 weeks. They learned to swim all 4 strokes across a 25 yard pool without stopping. While we don't "need" Champion Technique anymore for swimming lessons, I highly recommend them."

Stacy Morgan

"I will happily recommend Champion Technique. I've wasted money with the other swim schools - way too much. They're a joke. Champion Technique had my 4 year-old swimming in 3 days. LOL! The others said she was just not coordinated enough."

Brittany Schaffer