There is a Champion Difference

Have you ever wondered how your coach, personal trainer, or sports trainer crafts your training plan? It's important to know, because their decisions impact your health and goals - or maybe your kids' health and goals.  Most coaches and trainers create plans based on a combination of their education and experience, but not always backed by science. This can lead to the risk of overtraining and injury. Don't leave your fitness in the hands of educated guesses - learn about the process behind your training plan!

We are thrilled to announce that we are a Super Sport Systems Club! Super Sport Systems is the leading provider of speed and endurance interval training in the world and has been working with national sports teams and NCAA university teams globally. Our athletes will receive optimal rest and a balanced energy distribution to avoid overtraining and any unnecessary injuries.

Champion Technique's strength is the ability to take Super Sport Systems' training platform and adapt it for every sport.  So every practice consists of athletic development, individual skills training as well as team development. 

Our multisport club teaches athletes and teams the principles and fundamentals that are found in most sports.  Then we just perform them better and more athletic than everyone else.

Oh yeah! We're ready to rock some seriously awesome facepaint for the competition...because who says competition can't be playful?

Champion Programs

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Why choose us

Science and Experience

The backbone of everything we offer is the most advanced interval training system in the world.  We've partnered with Super Sport Systems to create an individualized interval training program just for you and your needs.

Balance - Youth and Adult Programs

We want offer one-stop-shops for fitness and sports training so parents can workout while kids workout.

Strength In Quality

We believe in bringing world class services, equipment and services to everyone.  Why should only the elite athletes and wealthy get it?


We believe so strongly in what we do that we want to train others to do the same thing on their own.  We provide coaches' training, parents' training, certifications, and other classes to teach others how to do what we do.

Jason Adams

Founder / Head Coach

Champion Technique is a culmination of my life's work as a swim instructor, multisport coach and experience as a father of five.  Losing one of those five has driven me to learn and understand different methodologies of coaching.  Competing is natural (winning, losing), it shouldn't be the primary focus.  Instead, I believe in creating a positive, motivating environment where youth and adults learn how to become the "best versions" of themselves.  I believe Jesus outlined true Champion Technique in the beatitudes in the Sermon On The Mount.  I can only hope to demostrate that Champion Technique in my coaching as well as my daily life.

It's not about just being champions of sports or fitness, but most importantly, being champions of life - Pr"ACT"ice Like A Champion.

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