About Champion Technique

If swimming is a science, then other sports are ???

Spend 3 minutes coaching swimming and you will quickly choke on the dancing dynamics between science and anatomy. Motion of the human body no longer makes sense without understanding how water influences those motions. The science of swimming is a constant debate. It's just swimming though. Well, so is just throwing a ball, running, catching, receiving, anything performed in sports. It's not just sports, or activity, it's science. The study of it's performed efficiently by each individual athlete, why that's Champion Technique.

Jason Adams

Head Coach

Howdy! I'm Jason, the founder and head coach of Champion Technique. A lot of studying, hard work and experience went into developing Champion Technique. Look, I created it because I didn't feel like there was anything good enough for my own kids. Sure, at first it was pretty hard core. But guess what? We grew, adapted and learned by our mistakes. Now, we're still building champions but we're having a lot more fun doing it. Please give me a chance to prove it to you. Click the black button below to send me a message. Let's see how we can help your kiddos out.