Join our app, crush your goals, and become the champion you're destined to be! With over 30 years of coaching and training expertise, we provide personalized programs tailored to your unique needs. As endurance and athletic development experts, we're here to help both children and adults stand out, smashing their goals with a customized approach. Ready to be a champion? We've got your back!
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Practice Like A Champion

Leave guesswork behind and train like a champion!

World class interval training tailored to you - your fitness history, goals and experience.  So, you can maximize results and reach new heights.

Fitness that seamlessly integrates with your champion technique lifestyle.

Fitness that molds to your life.  Adapt and thrive as your goals evolve, equipment changes, and motivation needs a boost.  Embrace variety, stay driven, and conquer your fitness journey with us.

See your champion technique journey unfold.

Gain valuable insights as we delve into your fitness journey, providing a comprehensive view of your muscle usage, exercise achievements, and workout streaks.  Witness your progress come alive and take control of your transformation.

Champion Technique Stories

Discover the triumphant stories of Progress, Confidence, and Motivation fueled by Champion Technique Trainer.  Experience firsthand how Champion Technique Trainer empowers individuals to achieve their goals, unlocking their true potential.


"Growing up, my football coaches just put me at center and nosetackle, the other players tried out for positions. I was just told what I could play.  I wanted to be a linebacker.  Thanks to Champion Technique Trainer, I am now the starting middle linebacker for my high school football team!"

- Daniel


"I was a 'firecracker' in high school and college, the fearless life of the party.  Then life went by for a few years, and with it, my spark dimmed. I was ashamed of my appearance.  Champon Technique Trainer helped me re-light my fuse.  Now I feel like me again.  Thank you so much Champion Technique Trainer!

- Erica


"When your 80, your inspiration to stay fit and healthy is not very strong.  What's the point?  Champion Technique Trainer showed me that every day Fit and healthy is a more exciting day than the one before.  I love my workouts, my trainer and encouraging others to pursue a more enjoyable way of living."

- Sharron

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