Learn To Do What We Do?

Whether you're a parent wanting to know how to teach your own child to swim or a swim instructor looking for better ways to teach (those WSI classes aren't very helpful), this virtual swim school will teach you everything behind what makes the Champion Swim School so successful.  You learn:

  • How to structure your lessons,
  • How to properly hold swimmers during lessons,
  • How to incorporate the swimming principles into your lessons,
  • How to make it fun,
  • That Jason's jokes aren't really that funny.

The Champion Swim School is a proven swim school with only the best swimming results for our clients.  Yes, water safety is great  but being a strong advanced swimmer is so much better.

This virtual class not only teaches you how but also gives you the support you need when you have questions at a fraction of the price of a lesson.

Summer will be here soon, so enroll now!