If you could save a life, would you do it?

Did you know, according to the CDC, drownings is the number one killer for children ages 1-4?  It's the number 2 killer for children ages 5-14.

The Champion Technique Foundation is a 501(c)3, charity organization (EIN 92-1512230), whose primary goal is to lower the drowning rates by teach everyone how to swim.

Drowning prevention is an actionable process with measureable results.

The way we see it, this is a 4 prong process:

  • Taking affordable pools to areas that cannot afford or do not have public swimming pools,
  • Train swim instructors how to properly teach swimming lessons,
  • Provide free or low-cost swimming lessons,
  • Making home pools safer with lower cost gates and/or pool covers.

The Champion Technique Foundation raises money to purchase above ground, portable swimming pools, rent retail/commercial space and to train and pay instructors to teach clients how to swim.

Swimming is not just a recreational activity, it's a life skill that can prevent drowning. The foundation's goal is to make sure that everyone has access to quality swim lessons, regardless of their financial situation. The results are measurable and can be seen with your own eyes. By donating as little as $1, you can be a part of the solution and help save lives. .  

Join the Champion Technique Foundation in its mission to reduce drowning rates and provide everyone with the opportunity to learn how to swim.

Visit https://buy.stripe.com/eVa16A2hqeArbqE5kv to make a donation today.

Here's The CDC Page On Drownings