Multisport Training

At Champion Technique, we believe that every young athlete has the potential to soar, regardless of their skill level or their aspirations. That's why we've created a multisport, youth development program that trains our athletes in a variety of sports, including football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball.

Coach Saban is a big advocate of multisport athletes, but the cost and time commitment can often be prohibitive. That's why our program is designed to break down those barriers, so that more young athletes can experience the joy and growth that comes with playing multiple sports.

As an AAU member, we have the flexibility to customize our program to suit the needs of our athletes. We participate in leagues and tournaments all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area, across Texas, and even across the country, giving our athletes the chance to showcase their skills on a bigger stage.

What is a multisport program?

The Champion Technique multisport program is truly unique.  We encourage our athletes to participate in as many sports as possible.  In fact, we are working side-by-side with the Hope Development League to start new, innovative leagues where sports rotate through the season.  One week the sport is soccer, the next flag football, the next basketball, the next baseball, etc.  The idea is to build the best athletes possible by playing everything.  It will not be uncommon for athletes to practice 3-4 sports in one practice session at Champion Technique.  This improves an athlete's speed, endurance, agility, hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, footwork, as well as improve offensive and defensive concepts of sport.  A lot of the sports share similar techniques and concepts, practicing multisports gives athletes more opportunities to understand the game objectives and strategies.

Youth Development Strategy

Youth development is a process not an immediate result.  Our objective is to take any athlete, no matter their age and skill level and help them accomplish their athletic goals.  It's easier to this with younger athletes than older but we are up for any challenge.  Champion Technique has teamed up with 3S to gauranty a development program that has the most scientifically proven methodology to develop each athlete's speed, endurance and agility.  We use this interval training system to master skills, teach team concepts and test athletic/team improvement.