Aledo Youth Swim Team

A year-round swim team proud to say, "WE'RE DIFFERENT!"

A truly youth development program that focuses and enforces stroke technique at every level. 

NO GARBAGE YARDAGE HERE.  Every yard has a purpose other than just swimming.  Swimmers will learn the most scientific stroke technique while learning how to use that technique to swim FAST.  Stroke technique combined with the only interval training program based on science with over 30 years of proven results separates the Champion Technique Swim Team from others.

Our focus is on building the individual athlete.  It starts with our core belief that every athlete is capable of accomplishing any goal.

We don't want 12 and under wonders who lose faith in themselves when they're in high school.  Our program builds individual confidence in a team environment.

Yes, we'll be competitive.  Yes, we'll have fun.  No, your swimmer will not be bored.  Champion Technique is about learning life lessons through swimming to become successful in any aspect of their life.

Choose your Swim Team membership

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  • Annual Membership
  • 1 Free Stroke Technique Private Session / 3 months (25% Off Reg)

$425 / yr


  • Annual Membership

$125 / yr

Age Groups and Costs

‌(excluding swim meets, private stroke work and clinics)


Seniors is for the oldest swimmers on the swim team (generally 15 & Older).  These athletes range from beginner high school athletes to Senior National.

M-F 6:30-8:30 PM

Sat 6:30-8:30 AM

(Not including Dry land)

$215 / Mo,


AG1 is for swimmers 13-14 years-old. 

M-F 5-6:30 PM

Sat 7-8:30 AM

(Not including Dry land)

$182 / Mo


AG2 is for swimmers 11-12 years-old. 

M-F 5:15-6:30 PM

Sat 8:30-9:45 AM

(Not including Dry land)

$160 / Mo


AG3 is for swimmers 10 & Under more advanced than beginners.  AG3 is split into 2 groups "A" and "B".

AG3A MWF 4:15-5:15 PM

AG3B TR 4:15-5:15

Sa 8:30-9:30 AM

(Not including Dry land)

$121 / Mo


Red and Black are for beginner swimmers (mainly 10 & Under).  Red and Black are split into 2 groups.

Red MW 4:15-15 PM

Black TR 4:15-5:15

(Not including Dry land)

$100 / Mo