Our Team Leaders

Champion Technique is the rare sports development organization actually focused on developing the individual athlete.  Our athletes are far more than "clients", they are individuals that need our love, guidance, support, and time.  The Champion Technique way is to build physically, mentally and spiritually strong individuals though sports.

Here is our leadership team:

CEO, Head Coach

Jason is the founder, CEO and head coach of Champion Technique.  As a former multisport athlete and with over 30 years of multisport coaching experiene combined with 21+ years as a parent of athletes, Jason has tons of experience working with youth at every competitive level.


Kim is the professional business person behind this sports program.  A graduate from TCU, she has 30 years of experience managing employees and teams.  She has spent a large portion of career in Risk Management - not insurance, business regulations.  She and Jason have been married for over 24 years with 5 children.

Chief Youth Development Officer

Ashton is Kim and Jason's oldest daughter and child.  She is currently a 3rd year student at TCU majoring in Early Childhood Development Education.  She is a former soccer and volleyball player.  Ashton has a strong passion for working with the youth.

Chief Sports Development Officer

Dylan is Kim and Jason's oldest son and second child.  Dylan is a former Division 1 Football player at TCU.  He also has experience playing soccer and basketball.  He is still a student at TCU majoring in Business.  Dylan loves sports and training specifically.  He also a little bit of a gamer (favorite games Madden and FIFA).


Payton is Kim and Jason's younger daughter and third child.  She is currently a student at TCU studying business.  She played competitive soccer for most of her life and has experience playing volleyball and basketball.

We look forward to sharing with you our incredible coaching staff soon.

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