Private Swimming Lessons With Jason

Dive into the world of swimming with Champion Technique, where technique reigns supreme! Our unparalleled understanding of strokes and mechanics has made us the most sought-after swim school in town.

Think you're a pretty good swimmer? Think again! Our team of coaches will take you to new heights and make you swim like a pro.

Our secret to success? Unwavering confidence in our abilities to teach and coach. We've got Ricky Bobby beat, hands down! At Champion Technique, we don't believe in levels.

Our aim is to prepare swimmers for swim teams and help them swim with grace and ease.

Ready to make a splash? Join us for private swim lessons at our convenient location.

14013 Green Hook Road

Aledo, TX 76008

Club/Swimmer Signup Form

Registration for Private Swimming Lessons With Jason Are Available Now!!! 

The fee for Private Swimming Lessons with Jason is $250.  

Complete the form below to join the Champion Technique Club.  This will allow you to register and pay for Champion Technique programs and classes.  Jason's Private Lesson Schedule is listed just beneath this page.


Remember, swimmer's spots are not locked in until payment has been received. 

Feel free to contact jason at if you have any more questions

What Our Clients Say

"Best swimming lessons ever! Jason is so effective. Both my boys took lessons." 

- Murphy Smith

"I will happily recommend Champion Technique. I've wasted money with the other swim schools - way too much. They're a joke. Champion Technique had my 4 year-old swimming in 3 days. LOL! The others said she was just not coordinated enough." 

- Brittany Schaffer

"So Champion Technique is too good for their own good. While other "swim schools" provide an endless loop of learning how to swim, Champion Technique prepared my kids for swim team - my 7 and 5 year-olds in 2 weeks and my 3 year-old in 4 weeks. They learned to swim all 4 strokes across a 25 yard pool without stopping. While we don't "need" Champion Technique anymore for swimming lessons, I highly recommend them." 

- Stacy Morgan

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston Churchill

What swimmers will learn.

(There are no levels)

  • Bouyancy - head and body position
  • Propulsion - kicking
  • Water Safety - breathing
  • Balance - arm coordination
  • The goal - to prepare each swimmer for swim team not for the next levels

What is a Session?

  • A session consists of 8 x 30 minute private lessons
  • Classes are M-Th for 2 weeks *** (this is preferred, see FAQ below) ***
  • Fridays and weekends are used for makeups.
  • Equipment needed - swimmer, pool, swimsuit and goggles. 
  • Ages - 3 & Older (will make some exceptions if younger)

Cost is $250 / Swimmer / session

What is the class schedule?

Where:  13808 Green Elm Rd, Aledo 76008 (Jason is having a pool installed in his garage for these private swimming lessons)

When:  Classes can begin as early as May.

Other questions:  contact Jason at .

Questions frequently asked

  • Why four times a week? 

I highly recommend a schedule of four lessons per week, however, I understand that this may not be feasible for everyone. In such cases, alternative arrangements can be made. The reason for this recommendation is based on the importance of consistent practice. The concept of twice or once-a-week lessons was originally designed with the assumption that parents would work with their children in between lessons. However, as a parent of four children, I understand that this scenario is quite rare. Most parents tend to use the pool for leisure and social activities, rather than working on swimming skills with their children. Four lessons per week would allow for more efficient progression through skills and minimize the time spent reviewing previous lessons. Although the schedule can be adjusted to best accommodate your needs, I strongly suggest considering the four lesson option. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact jason@championtechnique.

  • What equipment is needed?  

A pool, a swimmer, swimsuit and goggles.

  • Ages - 3 and older
  • Why 3 and older?  

Three is the perfect age to start swim lessons.  Children have adequate attention span and body control.  Younger ages do much better with "Parent and Me" classes.

  • Why do you recommend "Parent and Me" classes?  

I can't tell you how many swimmers I have help get over their fear of the water because they were in Infant Emergency swim classes.  That's all I will say on that matter.

  • Can I schedule multiple sessions at a time?  

Absolutely.  We just require payment to lock the spot.

  • Will you teach my child how to dive?  

If they are safe and just about ready for a swim team, yes.

  • What should I expect?  

Well, my expectation is your child be able to swim any distance without assistance safely.  After that, I'm getting them ready for swim team.  I've had 3 year-olds swimming freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

  • Refunds?  

I completely understand if something pops up and you need to reschedule and/or cancel.  In these cases, we will work something out.  However, once classes start, we/I tend to not allow refunds unless something really serious happened.